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Death Is Not Enough by Karen Rose
Genre: Mystery Thriller
Source: BookBridgr

No matter how many books I've read of Karen Rose, I am always glued to the story and characters of the new book!
This time, as the title advances us, death will not be enough punishment for our main character, Thomas Thorne... or this is what the "bad man" of the book thinks. He wants him to suffer, that's why he creates the "perfect" murder scene, a nude woman dead with Thomas on his side, of course with a knife with his fingerprints on it. The only problem is that Gwyn Weaver, more than a friend, will find him too soon, making the police not really believe that he could have killed the woman... so who could have motives to involve Thomas in a murder and with some links with his darkest past?
Since the beginning we know that the killer has contact with the characters, but we don't know the name, only connections and how good he is killing and making suffer the ones he doesn't like... So be prepared to eat your nails all the story terrified of what could happen if they are taken by the mad man.
I liked very much the story between Thomas and Gwyn, tender but strong at the same time. Two persons that had their own demons from the past, but try to get over them together... You could feel their feelings evolving, but the fear that it may be go wrong or that they will not survive this killer!
Another great read by Karen Rose; mystery, action, suspense and romance, what more do we need?

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