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Cake And Punishment by Maymee Bell
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes
Rating: 4/5

Sophia Cummings, a pastry chef, has returned to her house's parents to repair a broken heart, but she loves so much cooking that she can not stay far from the ovens making her to be involved in a wedding cake and a mystery dead at the restaurant of the planned wedding... She wants to help her old friend getting married, so she will try to discover the killer to keep the wedding planned... Will she be able to save the wedding?

'"Seriously, what was really my validation that my cookies were good was the look on people's faces after they ate a cookie that I created from scratch, with these hands." I lifted my hands in the air and rotated them in front of me. Duchess looked up and let out a soft meow. Dad and I let out a low chuckle. I went back to patting her. "I love how cookies make people feel better. It's like a magic potion for people to talk their problems out with me."'

Let me say that I've gained 5kg with just reading the delicious recipes Sophia shares with us during this story, so yummy...
This will be one of those cases where the victim (an egocentric chef) is so charming and nice that everyone has a motive to kill him! I have never met a chef, but after reading so many books I think is safer to simply enjoy their creations and maintain the distance, don't you think?
Sophia, our main character, will be trying to repair her broken heart from her cheater boyfriend and I am totally agree with her that the best way is to be surrounded by the persons love you. The funny of this is that she just wants to stay at her parents home for a few weeks, but everyone is planning to make her move there... Who will win, the heart or the conscience?
The investigation is nice, not just because there are some sparks between Sophia and the main detective of the case, but because all the friends will try to help her solve the case and the detective will listen to her ideas too.
This had been a sweet read, where neighbours and friends welcome you to their lives without questions and ready to hug you when you need it. Be prepared for a tasty and loving read!
Do you prefer savoury or salty?

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