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Absolution by Paul Hardisty
Genre: Action Thriller
Source: Orenda Books

This had been a non-stop read; full of action, conspiracy and love. A read that will transport the reader to Africa... with a lot of corruption, poverty and terrorism, that will keep our favourite character Claymore Straker risking his life multiple times to save his long lost love... Ready?

'It would kill the past, and when that was dead, he world be free.'
Oscar Wilde

This had been like reading two stories and seeing them collide in slow-motion; because we have two sides of the story. On one side we have Claymore, who is always running to keep his life safe... This time he is not sure who is trying to kill him, but when he has news that Raina is in danger he is not afraid to risk again his life to help her.
On the other side we have Raina, an old Claymore lover, that has lost her son and husband and is writing a diary to Claymore telling her thoughts and her movements to discover the truth.
The story is not only compelling for all the situations that both characters have to face, but the way Raina describes Claymore, not the soldier face he tries to show everyone, but someone with fear, feelings and ready to love even when he is hurt.
Pual Hardisty always connects his stories to reality, in this case, it will not be easy to read how Egypt is totally controlled by money; the law, the police, the business... on how the people has to choose between following the "orders" or be killed. Is sad and scary that the only hope the people sees to be free is a terrorist group...
I could say that you could read "Absolution" as a standalone, but this is the fourth and last one of the series Claymore Straker, and I highly recommend you to read all of them, they will not leave you indifferent.
Be prepared to an addictive read, where reality and fiction collide in an astonishing story.
Ready to fight for your life?

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