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The Pursuit of Ordinary by Nigel Jay Cooper
Genre: Fiction
Source: Random Things Tour
Rating: 5/5

Natalie and Joe seem to have the perfect marriage when Joe dies in an accident. Natalie is trying to cope with the dead of his husband when a homeless man, Dan, appears at her house saying that has her dead husband inside him. Could it be possible or does he have a hidden motive?

"Dan's heart -my heart- began to beat a little faster. It was so hard to get used to, his heart, my heart -the same thing but not the same at all. I'm sure I read somewhere that our heartbeats are as unique as our fingerprints. Nobody's heart beats the same way as anyone else's. Yet, here we were. One heart, two different beats."

This had not been an easy read, full of emotions and difficult situations to cope, it was not an easy peasy story. Since the beginning we know this will not be the type of book we are used, a triangle love story between a dead man, the man who is possessed and a woman... I know it seems strange, but don’t deny it, it is intriguing too. There are a lot of questions which start popping on your mind when you start the book; why is Dan a homeless? Why is Natalie so curious to know what really happened on the fatidic night? Was really Josh in love with her life? So many questions... that will be answered as we read the book with some interesting twists!
I don’t want to make any spoilers, but be prepared for some deep themes to be treated in this story; mental illness, psychology abuse, depression... These are themes not easy to talk or sometimes to understand if you don’t have someone near that suffers it, but that would never be taboo or ashamed to talk about.
I’ve been glued to this book since the first page, the story is fluent and told by the different views of each character. Sometimes the situations overlap when the characters explain what they think or feel making the story easy to follow and understand.
This had been an amazing read and will be on my top ten for this year, it was a compelling and bittersweet read that I am sure will delight all type of readers.
Do you have an ordinary life?

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