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The Leavers by Lisa Ko
Genre: Fiction
Source: Litte Brown
Rating: 4/5

This had been a deep book that will touch you to the core, because reading the story of how a little boy has to accept that his mother had left him is never easy. But, how he tries to be a better boy, study more and be "perfect" because this way will make his mother return is heartbreaking. And on the other hand, the story of Polly Guo, who decides to try to give a "better" life to our unborn child, moving from China to America... alone and so scared...
Be prepared for an emotional tale, beautifully written in which the characters will stay with you for a long time. Because, this book not only tells you a story, but makes you think what it really means belonging to a society or what does it imply, these are the feelings that Polly and Deming, they both will try to be part of a new world, but will they fit in, will they feel part of it?
So many questions and I really don't have answers for them, being myself an immigrant, my little one will be too... Will he feel that he is not part of anything? Will the society ever change and open arms for the ones that for one motive or other had to move countries and welcome them? I would like to say that yes, and truthfully, some people welcome them, but not all...
This is one of those books I recommend to read and talk about, because I always think that when you talk you can make change minds, or simply to talk about something that otherwise would be hidden... really to make a little step to help a society change?

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