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The Killing At Kaldaire House by Kate Parker
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes
Rating: 5/5

'"Have you used this death to steal some of her jewelry?"
"Of course not. She doesn't owe me any money," I said with a wide smile.
"Don't be cheeky. I'll find out your secrets." With a huff, she walked away, leaving me more shaken than I wanted to admit. If she found out about my father's family, she wouldn't keep quiet like Lady Kaldaire. She frightened me.'

As all of you already know I am not a big fan of historical books, from time to time I take the chance and I always choose the right ones, because I loved this story and I can assure you that I will follow this series, the characters are really interesting!
First of all, I loved the main character Emily Gates; she has a peculiar family but she has decided not to follow the family business and become a milliner and earn money to pay for the school of her young brother, admirable don’t you think? Sadly it seems that rich people try to avoid paying her, so in a complicated situation to explain she finds a body and becomes involved in a murder investigation! And if she doesn’t have enough work, the widow decides she will have to investigate the murder... It will become something more or less simple, but when she puts her life in danger a couple of times and is followed by the police, Emily wants to discover the truth for her own safety.
The detective of the case will have an important part in this plot; first of all because he always trust and respect Emily, even with the dangerous schemes, and it seems that there are some sparks between them... We will see how this progresses in the future!
I can not forget to talk about Emily’s family; they are thieves... Emily is not in their business but will ask for their help if necessary... This makes the plot ironic and original at the same time...
Believe me when I say that this is a quite complicate case, something that in the beginning seems easy to solve, starts getting complicated and full of twists, making the book addictive.
Really, this had been a delightful read that will be on my must reads this year!
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