The Advice Column Murder by Leslie Nagel - Blog Tour

The Advice Column Murder by Leslie Nagel
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes

While Charlie Carpenter is trying to expand her shop it seems that someone is trying to sabotage the construction... and when she finds the body of one of her neighbours things will just get more difficult. Ready for the mystery?
Since the first moment we start reading the mystery we could feel that there's something weird with the murder and the family that found the body, but what? There are a few suspects that could have a motive to kill the victim... but who has the strongest motive?
While we are reading this mystery, we will read some bits of the famous "Advice Column", that is really funny, but someone is using it for something more sinister...!
This is the third book of the series "Oakwood Mystery", you can read it as standalone, but you will miss some background from the characters and be a little lost in the beginning...
This had been a quick read, with brave and adventurous women that don't need men to protect them, but of course you'll find a little bit of love in the read.
Ready for a book with multiple mysteries?

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