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Shot In The Dark by Cleo Coyle
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes
Rating: 4/5

Reading a book full of coffee and mystery is my dream book come true.
Clare is the owner of one of the hotspots at the Village Blend for a good coffee, but when there’s an attempt murder and the same night a regular appears dead, Clare knows that if she doesn’t start to investigate she can start saying goodbye to her business... Let me say that even if Clare is not a detective she loves a good mystery, and with her fiancée being a detective I think this just motivates her even more to be a sleuth from time to time! ;)
Let me say that there are some very interesting characters in this story; the ex-husband who loves to party but is half owner of the coffee business, and still loves Clare... The daughter, that lives in another city but has some problems on her own... The fiancée, that is always working, but always remembers to call...
And of course, if there’s a victim, there are the possible killers, a large list if you ask... but all of them linked to one thing or the other, making you guessing who could be the murderer till the end!
This is the seventeenth book of the “Coffee House” series, but you can read it as standalone, the relations between the characters are well explained making really easy to follow the story.
It was original reading a book where the victims are related to a Dating app, showing us the good and the bad sides of dating in the technology era.
Are you ready to loose your shoe in the ball?

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