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She's Bad News by Elle Spellman
Genre: Fiction
Source: Rachel Random Resources
Rating: 4'5/5

Bella Brown has to try some amazing slimming pills to make a review for the Gazette she works, but when she tries the "super pills" they don't have the effect she is expecting... but after taking them her world changes completely! Ready for a surprising adventure?

"It was only when I forced my body to stop, making my legs come to an abrupt halt so quickly that I narrowly missed falling face-first into someone's mini conifers, that I realised how far I'd come. I wasn't in Sunny View. I was nowhere near it. In fact, I was in another part of town entirely.
And my body felt completely and utterly fine. How was I a runner all of a sudden? By the looks of it, I should have been leading a marathon.
One thing was for certain. This was no hangover.
There was something very, very wrong with me."

This had been a funny and adventurous read and I really enjoyed every page! I just hope to read another chapter of Bel's life soon! ;)
Let me say that this had been a quite refreshing reading, specially because there's the woman that has superpowers and doesn't need the help of any man, women rule the world!
When Bella takes the mysterious pills is not expecting the results she will have, of course I am sure no one expects to gain super powers when they are taking slimming pills, but the result is hilarious and perfect for a journalist to investigate what has happened and who is behind these mysterious pills... Bella will have the help of her best friend to solve this case, Chloe, who not only will she be always on her side but will never doubt of her intelligence, bravery or power to discover the truth. This was one of the things that I liked most about this book, Chloe and Bel always try to help each other, even in the impossible moments or weird situations, a really true friendship, something admirable and beautiful.
There's a love story too in the story, but is not the main interest for the reader, is more funny meeting Bel's sister Alice, who love to phone her than the handsome journalist, that simply is searching who the mysterious woman is...
I don't want to spoil your read, simply remember that is full of super powers, a strong friendship and one or two kisses... Told with a refreshing voice and hilarious situations that will make us have a great time while reading the story.
Ready for bad news?

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