Ploma - Català; Ara i Sempre

Can you guess what Ploma means? /plɒːmə/
It has two main meanings, one is easy with the calligraphy on the photo, the other more difficult...

So any guesses? Ploma is... yep one answer could be feather; one of the light, horny structures that form the principal covering of birds. And any idea with the other one? Ploma could be too... Fountain Pen! Yes, so different! But I suppose it comes that in the beginning they used the feather to write, so it has maintained the name.

I will share with a little part of a poem from a Catalan writer, Joan Brossa.

Les Teves Mans - Joan Brossa
Castellets de l'amor. Flames de ploma.                    Castle of love. Flames of feathers.
Són banderetes del teu parlar. Són                    They are flags of your talk. They are
i toquen sense pes, clares d'un món                    and touch without weight, clear of a world
que tu modules des dels teus Bagdads.                    that you modulate from your Bagdad.
Respires per les mans, amor. Són poma                  You breath for your hands, love. They are apple
i estel saboner quan renten els plats.                    and soapy star when they clean the dishes.

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