Papallona - Català; Ara i Sempre

Papallona is not an easy word to discover, is an insect with beautiul colours...

Any idea? Papallona has some similarity with the French word Papillon... No? Papallona is butterfly; a flying insect that has a slender body and broad wings. Have you ever had one on your hands? I had seen a lot of them when I was little on the campside, nowadays in the city they are quite rare!

Here is a nice song called Mira la Papallona...

Mira la Papallona
Mira la papallona,                    Loot at the butterfly,
Va volant the flor en flor.                   It goes flower in bloom.
Juga amb les formiguetes,                    Flies with the ants,
Les marietes i els cargols.                   the ladybugs and the snails.

Brillen per tot el bosc,                    They shine through the forest,
Sota la llum del sol,                    Below the sunlight,
Les papallones de colors.                    The coloured butterflies.

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