Ou de Pasqua - Català; Ara i Sempre

Sorry, this word should had been posted on Sunday... but I wanted to do so many things this holidays, that in the end when it was time to prepare the blog I was exhausted! So today, I'll share with you this compound word, Ou de Pasqua... /ʌwdəpɑːskwa/ 

I suppose you could have an idea of the meaning, is something linked to Easter... Any idea? Is the same as Easter Egg! But I have to tell you something, in Catalonia we don't usually eat egg chocolate... Our tradition is that on Easter Sunday we meet with our GodFather and GodMother and they give us the "Mona", a traditional cake with a chocolate figure on the top, it could be an egg, yes, but it could be anything, from a castle to a ballot box to remember the elections... If you ever had the chance to visit Catalonia during Easter, I highly recommend you to do window shopping to some bakeries, you will be amazed with all the original designs!
Take a look at some of these year creations...

The cake and the beautiful chocolate figure

A very political creation, with all the Political Prisoners

And this one was my little one first Mona, with his GodFather! ;)

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