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Now You See by Max Manning
Genre: Thriller
Source: Headline
Rating: 4'5/5

There's a new killer in town and his ego grows with followers and fame. So DCI Fenton will have to be very careful and smart if he wants to keep his family safe and catch this dangerous killer...

"I can't blame myself for what I've done, for what I have yet to do. Guilt is a concept I've never understood. It gets in the way of true creativity, stops you doing things you want to do. Imagine not having a conscience. Think about it. Wouldn't life be so much easier? Admit it.
A veil has been lifted. Life promises so much more for me now. I'm free to follow my path."

This had been a turbulent read, not just for the murders but for the message that the book transmits... I was really touched by some of the truths that the killer shares, specially when it talks about how many people liked the photo of the victim the killer shared on his profile or how many followers started following him and asking for more. Luckily this had never happened in real life, but how many times the newspaper shared morbid photos of terrorism attacks? Or how many times you had been stuck in a jam for an accident simply because the drivers had been looking at the victims? So are we really so needy for scabrous details and misery of other people? This really makes me think what our society has grown up to...
Let's focus on the book! The story is told by various voices making the story easy to follow and perfect to understand the thoughts and actions of each one of the characters. The main character, DCI Fenton will not just have to discover a killer but has to decide what's more important in his life; his work or his daughter... We will have the mysterious Adam Blake who was the ex-boyfriend of the first victim Lauren Bishop, he is a suspect for the murder, but soon we will discover that is quite troubled but he wants to know the truth the most. And then we will have the view of the killer, the I Killer, that loves to kill and share the victims photos on the net. Between all of them, the story is complete, interesting and addictive. 
This is one of those books that you are eager to know more about the characters, their life and what will happen after the case, I can only hope I will see another case with DCI Fenton!
Ready to see the fear on your own eyes?

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