Maleta - Català; Ara i Sempre

I was supposed to share this word with you last week with "Vacanes"... they are related, and it would have been more interesting than share it with you in the middle of the week with no travel prepared... Maleta... /məlɛtə/

Any idea? I have said a few clues already... one more... normally you have one with you when you travel... now? Yep, Maleta is suitcase;  usually rectangular piece of luggage esp. for carrying clothes while traveling.
Do you have any planned trip soon? I'll be travelling to London next week, I am so excited...
Ok, enough about my life, today I want to share with you a very short tale of one of our famous writers, Pere Calders...

El fill de Venus
Es pot declarar un incendi, una guerra o el contingut d’una maleta, però no un amor. A propòsit de l’amor, totes les declaracions són indiscretes, fins i tot aquesta.

The Son of Venus
The start of a fire, a war or the contents of a luggage can be announced, but not love. About love, all the declarations are indiscreet, even this one.

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