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Keeper by Johana Gustawsson
Genre: Thriller, Crime
Source: Orenda Books
Rating: 4'5/5

"Lobes and mash, home-made style...
Beat two egg yolks and dip the lobes in.
Toss them in breadcrumbs.
Fry the in parsley butter.
Drizzle them in olive oil and serve with mash.
Lobes and mash, home-made style..."

This has been a twisted noir crime mystery, where dark passions and hungry will be mixed with the mythological Sweden Gods, making any other crime book you've read lately superfluous and light compared to this one.
As we start reading the new case of Emily Roy and Alexis Castell we will discover that there's a new killer, of course this would not surprise anyone, the only problem is that this killer has the same pattern as one they thought they put in prison ten years ago... Did he had an accomplice or was he innocent? Richard, the man they put in prison is totally disturbed, but a killer? They will have to dig deeper and travel to the past to discover the truth... because this killer seems to have links with Jack the Reaper...
This had not been an easy read, some scenes were quite difficult to read, but at the same time I understood why they should be in the book, this will not be a compassionate killer, but one that wants to posses completely their victims forever, what could be more possessive than eating them?
It is always interesting how Johana Gustawsson likes to connect their stories between the past and the present, in this case with the mysterious and deadly Jack the Reaper, with his victims it would seem that our present killer could have a similarity... but it will be Emily and Alexis the ones to try to unravel the web of killing and dark needs that this killer has left with the victims.
This story had been full of characters, some time I would say too many, between all the police detectives, the victims, the family of the victims and the killer it was difficult to catch up who was who in the beginning. But let me say I wouldn't had chosen two better characters to investigate this case, even when is too personal for them, they are impersonal on the case and they just want to discover the truth. And even if their friendship would seem quite weird it works on this stories, they connect and make the cases direct and without flourishes, a delight to read (even if the case is as dark as this one!).
Just one little recommendation if you start reading this book, don't have any meat near! ;)
Ready for a feast?

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