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Hiding By Jenny Morton Potts
Genre: Mystery
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This had been a complex read, full of flashbacks to make us understand the actions of our main characters from the present and the motives to their actions, and maybe, to have some pity toward them...Everything started in a bank robbery a long time ago, making two families change their fate and sadly being linked together forever... seems interesting isn't it? Because we don't really understand their connection till the end making us (the reader) wanting to devour the story to know the truth.
This book is not just about discovering what happened in the past but to make us understand that no matter if we are good or bad, the circumstances of how you grow up will make us change and adapt to what we saw, live or feel... Keller and Rebecca could had one future, but thanks to the fate their life will cross, and I am not sure if their ending will be good...!
This had been a quick read, with a plot full of characters and some curious twists. It had some strong scenes to make us understand fully the actions of the main characters, but sometimes difficult to read.
I liked the ending but I missed a little more explanation about some of the characters and the motives of their actions...
Don't be scared by Hiding, this is one of those books that will leave an imprint on you, making you re-think your life and the actions that make you be who you are...
Ready to Hide?

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