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Fearless by Jessie Keane
Genre: Thriller
Source: Pan MacMillan
Rating: 4/5

This is the story of Claire Milo, Josh Flynn and Shane Everett; a triangle love story full of hate, murder and jealousy that will keep you glued till the last page; a very emotional read, bittersweet but really addictive!
The story is told mainly by Claire and Shauna, how their paths crossed when they were young and change their lives forever... I can not say that I liked Shana, how she acted or the way she saw life, she was not afraid of using violence or coerce people to get her way. And in just one night she changed her life, Josh's and Claire's with a very horrible action... On the other hand, Claire seems terrified of what could happen to her or her family if she ever tells the truth about the fateful night... She will spend all her life hiding, I know it will seem too drastic, but after reading the book you will understand her reasons! Josh is the worst character for me in this story, he seems to use all his energy on boxing fights instead of fighting for the truth or to questioning what secrets is Shauna hiding, because he simply accepts the things as they come... I don't think I would ever resist someone like him! He thinks that is protecting his family, but I think that in the end is scared of Shauna too...
Even if the story may seem "simple", I can assure you there are a few twists and a lot of nail bitting, Jessie Keane had written a very good book in which when you think that nothing could go worse, it will!
I can't say I had read any of the other Jessie's books, but after reading Fearless, I'll be keeping an eye on her next books, I am sure they will be as original as this one.
Would you be able to kill to get your way?

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