Esquerda - Català; Ara i Sempre

I have to apologise for being away for so many days! I was in London at the beginning of the week and then my little one got a big cold and I didn't have any free time to do any calligraphy or practice at all!
Today I'll share with you a quite fateful word, Esquerda... any idea what could it mean?

It doesn't have any similarity to any other language that I could recall, so... a clue for you; is not a good symptom if your house has one... Any idea? As you can see, is not a good word, but I like the sound in Catalan! Esquerda means Crack; to break without separation of parts; (cause to) become marked by lines that indicate a break.
I found this nice Catalan song that is original and it has a very interesting meaning, I hope you like it! ;)

L'esquerda -  Pirat's Sound Sistema
Com la vida passa, creix aquesta esquerda,          Like the life passes, this crack grows,
un brot d'esperança, la teva il·lusió es desperta.          a hope sprout, your illusion wakes up.
Tota la lluita, tota l'empenta,          All the fight, all the vigour,
ara pren forma i la forma és l'esquerda.          now it has a form and the form is the crack.

L'esquerda t'obre el camí per passar.          The crack it will open the path to cross.
L'esquerda t'obre el camí per cridar.          The crack it will open the path to shout.

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