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Chicken Culprit by Vikki Walton
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes
Rating: 4/5

Anna Freenant is trying to start again, in a new place, a new house and maybe some new friends... but a murder never entered in her plans! So now, she will have to discover the truth if she wants to continue with her new life...!

'"I have a lawyer. He's driving over from Denver today. I need a detective."
"Okay. Good to know. But maybe you haven't noticed. I'm not a detective, either."
"But I don't have, like, anyone else." As her voice rose in anguish, the guard took a step closer. Kandi got the message and lowered her voice. "I've got to find out what really happened. I can't let them pin this on me. I need you to be my Miss Marple."'

Since the first page I felt in love with this little village and all the neighbours in it. Yes, there's a killer between them, and let me say that I hope there will be more, because I can't wait to read a new mystery with all these characters. Everyone is welcoming and sweet, why reality cannot be this way?
Of course all the characters will have secrets, some of them more dangerous than others, even Anne has a few of their own, but this makes the book interesting and addictive for the reader, don't you think?
I loved how in the end, when Anne discovers the truth, she would confront all the possible killers in one room and discards one by one with their explanation for why they lied or not told totally the truth... and then we will have the killer to confess!
If you are searching for a quick read mystery, with delightful characters and some very promising series, I would recommend you to start this series, is perfect for any cozy mystery lover.
Ready to discover who killed the chicken?

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