Care Bear by Funko

I always liked the famous Care Bear, but it was one of those toys that my mother didn’t like so I never had one. So when I saw that the vinyl toy brand Funko decided to make their own Care Bears for the 35th Anniversary, I couldn’t resist to buy one!

So I’ll present you the #356 Funshine Care Bear Glow In The Dark Chase Version.

This cute toy is part of the Care Bear collection; there are 6 basic models plus 2 glow in the dark, 1 flocked, 2 glitters and 2 rare editions. I don’t know where you can find the rare versions, I think they were sold in special supermarkets in US, but not in Europe. The Good Luck Bear Flocked was only sold in a ToyCon fair... and the other ones should be for sale starting mid April everywhere... I am sure I will not have the full collection, but it will be fun searching them! ;)

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