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Beautiful Liars by Isabel Ashdown
Genre: Crime

"'It wasn't your fault', she'd tell me at night-time as she tucked the duvet snugly around my shoulders, our eyes never straying to the now-empty bed inhabiting the nook on the opposite side of my tiny childhood room 'It was just a terrible accident.' But, as I look back now, I think perhaps I can hear the grain of uncertainty in her tone, the little tremor betraying the questions she will never voice. Did you do it, sweetheart? Did you push my baby from the path? Was it just an accident? Was it?"

This is a book I was really looking forward to read and, truth to be told, it hasn't disappointed me a little.
We start the book reading an accident that happened a long time ago, it makes us wonder what this success will have in the story and if it was really an accident...
Everything will start when Martha wants to make a crime show based on the disappearance of one of her besfriends, Juliet. The police never found her body but they suspected she run away with her "alleged" boyfriend. Martha never believed this story, so now has decided to start an investigation by her own, Casey will help her in this adventure, in a very intriguing case where there are more twists than you will expect.
This is not just the story of a missing girl and how her disappearance changed completely the life of the people around her; her family, her friends and her supposed boyfriend. Because we always read the case, but is never told by the ones remaining, how they have all the memories and guilt that maybe if they made something different she would be still there.
It was original reading the story told by characters and the past memories, making us part of the story and the feelings of every one of them. Let me say that it was an addictive and touching story, it has surprised me a couple of times and made me guessing till the end.

A great book for mystery lovers and crime readers!
Which is your deepest secret?

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