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We Were the Salt of the Sea by Roxanne Bouchard
Genre: Mystery
Source: Orenda Books
Rating: 5/5

"'You're an idealist. You wish life were exciting. But excitement is a youthful ideal. Truth is, life is just one day after the next. You only have two options. You can lose hope, or you can learn. It's fime for you to learn, Catherine.'
'To learn everything's just blah?'
'To learn what beauty lies in every day, just waiting to be discovered.'"

This is a beautiful tale about search, loneliness and murder. 
Catherine Day decides to travel to a remote fishing village to find her birth mother at the same time a human body appears on the sea... This is just the beginning of this story, were the plot is not just centred on the investigation but all the villagers of the town, showing us how they live and making us part of their routine day.
Reading this book had been more an experience than simply a story, because the prose makes you enter to the story like one character more, with humour and murder, this little village becomes your own, smelling the sea and listening to the fishermen stories it's just part of the day.
The story is told between Catherine, the detective of the case, and all the villagers secrets which have to be discovered if they want to know the truth. It's not a sweet tale, because if there's murder, there will be sadness and vengeance, but love and friendship too.
This is a must read, I felt in love with all the characters, their special language and their own secrets that made this book a ravenous read and one of the best books of this 2018 so far.
Ready for a fishing day?

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