Vacances - Català; Ara i Sempre

Today is a word to say out loud Vacances! I am sure that you'll love this word and what does it mean when you'll discover what does it refer to...! Vacances... /vekənses/

Any idea? Vacances is Holidays! Oh yes! Some people today have started holidays... only for 4 days, but better 4 than none, isn't it?
I will share with you this poem from a very famous Catalan poet...

Vacances Pagades - Pere Quart
Prendré el tren de vacances pagades.               I will take the train of the paid holidays.
Arrapat al topall.                    Engaged to the roof
La terra que va ser la nostra herència               The earth that was our legacy
fuig de mi.               it escapes from me.
És un doll entre cames               Is a source between legs
que em rebutja.               that it repels me
Herbei, pedram:               Grass, stones:
senyals d'amor dissolts en la vergonya.                signs of love diluted in the embarassment.

Ok, I have to admit that this poem doesn't have much sense... is quite old and the words are not the ones we use right now... but it was funny to translate! ;)
Enjoy your holidays!   

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