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Uneasy Prey by Annette Dashofy
Genre: Cozy Mystery 
Source: Great Escapes 
Rating: 4/5 

Zoe Chambers is returning to work and finds a woman that has died at her home after a robbery... it seems that lately there are some men that enter to houses saying that they are checking the pipes and after a few hours they enter when there's no one inside and steal everything they can. But killing someone is another level... what has happened this time? Did she resist? Maybe the robbers didn't find anything valuable? Enjoy this read and you will discover all the answers! ;)

'Toni DeLuca snapped a note in her direction. 
"Welcome back. You're up. Ninety-two-year-old female. Unresponsive."
Not the greeting Zoe Chambers had hoped for from her crew chief on her first day back at work after eight weeks of medical leave for torn ligaments in her knee. So much for easing back into the "routine", if there was such a thing on an ambulance service. Especially in the middle of January.'

This had been a quick but interesting read, Zoe Chambers is a character who not only "investigates" murders, but also she loves her friends and family and always takes care of them. 
In this case the main story are the robberies and the murder of course, but we will meet again Zoe's mother; as charming as always... and there will be a weird reporter that seems that has a hidden agenda... is she involved in the murder?
We will enjoy a few scenes with the Police Chief Pete Adam, Zoe's boyfriend... but after reading the book I am still wondering if they simply share flat or they have feelings for each other... And I hope we will know more of Pete's father in the next story, seems he has a new friend...!
I don't want to spoil the mystery in this case, but I always love how Zoe treat the elder people, like a normal person, simply taking a little more care to them and making them valuable, really, I think everyone should learn to do the same. This case is quite interesting sharing with us the worries of old people, how they live alone and afraid that someone tries to steal them or how the sons/daughters/nephews they treat them or take care of them.
I really enjoyed the read, the mystery was not very complicate to discover, but is not just the case that interests the reader but all the other secrets that the characters hide.
Ready to be robbed by a white van?

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