Tossut - Català; Ara i Sempre

I think Tossut is a feature that characterises the Catalans, is quite difficult to make us change our minds if we want something, that's why today I wanted to share with you the word "Tossut"

I think that after the explanation I did it would be easy to discover which is the meaning of tossut, yep, stubborn; unreasonably unwilling to change. I chose this word because my little one yesterday didn't want to talk at all, not one word, simply because he didn't want to, so I thought I would share my anger with you...! But today it means something more, yesterday afternoon the Spanish government decided to put 5 more people in prison, simply because they did what they were voted for, trying to create the Catalan Republic. So be prepared, because like I mentioned before, the Catalans are stubborn, and we will not change our mind because they put us in prison, we will continue to fight peacefully but without stopping until we have what we voted, our freedom!
So, today I will change what I normally do, and I will share with you some Catalan quotes that had a very strong meaning in these sad moments.

"Les arrels garanteixen moments de valentia com aquests" Eva Baltasar
"The origins guarantee bravery moments like these" Eva Baltasar

In this case the quote referees to the new prisoners who went to court this Friday knowing that most probably will not get out, and to Marta Rovira that knowingly she decided to go to exile.

Inici de càntic en el temple- Salvador Espriu
Ara digueu: "La ginesta floreix,                    Now say: "The broom bloom,
arreu als camps hi ha vermell de roselles.                   everywhere in the land there is red of poppies"
Ara digueu: "Ens mantindrem fidels                    Now say: "We will maintain our fidelity
per sempre més al servei d'aquest poble"                   for ever and ever at the service of this country"

And this little bit of a larger poem is important because the broom's colour is yellow and we choose to protest against politic prisoners with a yellow bow. Now more than ever we will wear it with pride and sadness. Really is not fair, they fight for us and they are in prison, this should not happen in a country that refer itself as democratic don't you think?

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