The Uninvited Corpse by Debra Sennefelder - Blog Tour + Guest Post

The Uninvited Corpse by Debra Sennefelder
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes
Rating: 4'5/5 

Hope Carly discovers a body when is celebrating her friend's book publishing... is true that no one liked Peaches McCoy, but who had a strong motive to kill her?

This had been a quick read, addictive and a lot of guessing through all the pages.
Hope is a brave woman (and a blogger!), and she knows that her sister is innocent and will not doubt to try to find the real killer to free her. Lucky for her, she has very good friends and a handsome Chief of Police that will try to keep her safe, even when the killer tries to kill her a couple of times...
I liked the familiarity with all the characters, the reporter, the social club, the neighbours... even when one of them could be the killer (and almost all of them have motives to kill) they try to help Hope... yes, of course there are a few people who just want Hope to disappear, but this is the fun of the community, am I right? 
The investigation is quite complex, sadly, the main detective will just focus on Claire, Hope's sister... really, I would like to think that police detectives are more open-minded and searching all the suspects, who let me say, in this case there are quite a few...!
I have to admit that I finished this book quickly and I couldn't put it down. I hope we will read soon a new adventure of Hope, her cases are interesting and addictive. And there are some delicious recipes at the end of the book to keep you waiting!
Would you risk your life to uncover a killer?

I am lucky to share with you a special Guest Post by the author, enjoy! ;)

Spontaneous decisions are great for amateur slueth by Debra Sennefelder

A lot of people have asked me if my protagonist, Hope Early, is anything like me. The answer is a vague yes and no. While we share many things in common, I would have to say Hope is far more spontaneous than I am. In fact, that’s how she landed back in her hometown of Jefferson, Connecticut.
Hope Early started her food blog, Hope at Home, as a way to share her recipes and creative DIY ideas while working full-time as a magazine editor. Creating and photographing gave her an outlet at the end of a long day. She never intended to become a full-time blogger, nor did she ever intend to be a participant on a reality baking television show. The spontaneous decision to apply to the reality show turned her life upside down. When the show ended, so had her marriage and she was unemployed. She then had to decide whether to look for a new job in magazine publishing or make the move back to her hometown and turn her blogging hobby into a full-fledged career. With the decision made to buy an old farmhouse in Jefferson and to work full-time on her blog, she began to settle into her new and everything was going well. That was until she found the body of a controversial real estate agent and her sister became the prime suspect.
Deciding on the spur-of- the-moment to appear on the reality show wasn’t the last spontaneous thing Hope did. She made the, some would say questionable, decision to investigate the murder of Peaches McCoy on her own. Without thinking too much of the potential consequences, Hope dove headfirst into the investigation because of their sisterly bond and the overwhelming need to protect Claire.
Having a character who is spontaneous is great for this writer because it gives me so much material to work with. Let’s be honest, if she wasn’t spontaneous there wouldn’t be much of a book, right? And since I’m being honest, I have to admit I admire her spontaneity. I don’t think I would make a decision to appear on a competitive reality show over dinner. That’s what happened when she met reality television show producer, Corey Lucas. While dining she told him she would audition. The next morning, she did have a little regret of making such a commitment but she went through with it. In the long run, her life has turned out pretty good.
Sans the murders in her town.
Will I ever be as spontaneous as Hope? Probably not but maybe I can add a little more spontaneity to my life but I’m pretty certain it won’t be inserting myself into a murder investigation, I’ll leave that to my fictional character. Maybe I’ll take an afternoon off and go to the movies one day.
In the meantime, I’ll continue to explore the differences between myself and Hope as I write her next books. Thank you for visiting with me today and I’d love to know, are you a spontaneous person?

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