Taca - Català; Ara i Sempre

I know this seems a quite weird word, what could it mean? It's not easy to discover... Taca! /tækə/

Taca... okay one clue... you don't like wearing them... Any idea yet? Taca is the same as Stain; a mark caused by foreign matter on a material. Yes, this is another of those words that have no similarity at all, that makes this more fun, don't you think?

Ok, today I will share with you a tongue-twister with the word Taca, let me know if you can say it quickly! ;)

Paco guarda les poques copes que, a poc a poc, Paca toca i taca.
Paco save the few glasses that, step by step, Paca touch it and stain.

Yes, it doesn't have any sense at all, but tongue-twisters are not funny for the meaning of the sentence but the difficulty to say them!

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