Raspall - Català; Ara i Sempre

Today's word could be used as a different word depending on the meaning you want to use, but I can assure you that you use it at least a couple of times every day. The word is "Raspall" /raspæʎ/

Any idea what could it mean? Raspall... Brush; a hand-held instrument of bristles and a handle, used for painting, cleaning, grooming, etc... And like the English word, depending on the meaning you want to use, you have to add another word after Raspall, for example, Toothbrush it would be Raspall de dents (dents is teeth).
Let me say I didn't know that there was a song to teach how to clean your teeth, but I found it is quite funny, take a look...
Cançó Del Raspall
Raspall, raspall.                    Brush, brush.
Jo vaig sempre amunt i avall,                    I always go up and down,
Raspall, raspall                   brush, brush,
Com si anés dalt d’un cavall.                    Like I am riding a horse.

Fregueu-me fort per tot arreu,                     Scrub very hard everywhere,
així la brutícia traureu.                    this way you will remove all the dirt.
Si una càries pots trobar                    If a caries you could find
Frega-la sense parar.                    Scrub it without stoping
I veuràs en poc temps                    And you will see
Com et lluiran les dents.                    With just a few days your teeth will glow.

We didn't use any song to clean our teeth in school, but they made us rinse with a fluoride that was really horrible... I think it was one of those moments that we all hate it.

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