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Privilege, Prestige and Murder by Christa Nardi
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes

'"Oh, my gosh. You think I killed him? I can't even kill spiders."
Officer Flatt shook his head a bit before he answered. "Calm down. We have to ask these questions."
"I'll get you more water." Rick picked up my glass and disappeared into my kitchen. He came back with the water and nodded to Officer Flatt. "One empty Rocky Road carton in the trash."
I glared at him. How dare he check my trash? "Just so you know, I didn't eat it all at once."
His mouth twitched, but he didn't say a word.'

This had been an interesting read, with charming characters and a complex plot.
I suppose that if you are divorcing your rich husband and it appears dead you'll be always the main suspect... the only good thing with all this case is that Stacie will meet two handsome detectives... maybe one of them will steal her heart, you never know! Of course Stacie is innocent, it will not take longer to the detectives to rule her out of the suspects, the only problem is that she will be the next killer target...
This is one of those cases with multiple suspects and all of them with dark secrets... 
After reading this story I felt the need to know more about Stacie's life, she is a brave woman with really good friends and a big heart. True that her marriage with Ted ended badly, but he wasn't a bad person neither, simply he didn't know how to connect with her... We will see how was her marriage, empty and sad... but I think if he would not had been killed they would ended being friends. 
I always thought that having money is something important, to pay a good education to your children, but now that I am a mother, I've learned that is more important teaching them how to love and be respected than anything money can buy.
What is more important for you, love or money?

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