Primavera - Català; Ara i Sempre

This is a green word, full of life, hope and vitality... Can you guess what does Primavera mean? /prē′məvâr′ə/

One clue, it started last week... any idea? Primavera means Spring! The season between winter and summer, marked by the budding and growth of plants and the onset of warmer weather. 
Is one of my favourite seasons, is like the earth wakes up again after a long sleep and there's color everywhere!

Here is a beautiful song that my mum used to sang me when I was little...

Et diré un secret molt fi: la primavera és aquí...     I will tell you a fine secret: the spring is here...
ha cantat una cançó i ha florit el teu balcó.     It has sang a song and has sprung to your balcony.
Fuig hivern, vés a dormir, la primavera és aquí     Run away winter, go to sleep, spring is here
Vés al teu palau de glaç, que ja som al mes de març!     Go to your glass castle, that we are already                                        in march!

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