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Plum Tea Crazy by Laura Childs
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Source: Great Escapes
Rating: 4/5

Theodosia Browning has a full agenda with a lot of tea meetings and solving murders! Because when someone dies in front of your eyes, of course you can't stay without investigating, I am right?

'"Theodoisa was in shock. It was if the poor man had been caught in a hellish pinball machine, helplessly spinning and bouncing his way downward.
Theodosia felt Drayton's hand grab her shoulder in a death grip as they watched the man take a final, sharp tumble and then disappear into darkness.
"Was he really shot?" Drayton asked, his voice hoarse and shaking. "By the cannon? Or did he fall?"'

As we start reading the new Theodosia adventure, all of favourite characters return to our mind making us eager to know more about their routine and how their friendship has progressed. Of course this mystery will not be something simple. Theodosia likes quite complicated mysteries full of possible murders and some different plots to keep us entertained all the story! 
In this case we will be in a few tea meetings, a new gallery in town and maybe a ghost?
It's always nice to read a book that has more than a mystery inside and the Laura Childs series has a lot of friendship, tea delicatessen and some love to spark to plot of this curious murder... Because even if it's easy to discover who the real killer is, you don't read this series just for the murder but for all the charming characters that we can find inside. Let me say that Drake has a very peculiar personality, but it gives the special thing on this series! ;)
This is the 19th book of the Tea Shop Mysteries, but you can read it as standalone.
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