Today I want to show you a product I fall in love totally, crazy in love, the Picolor!
Is one of Kickstarter campaigns that maybe is a fraud or maybe not, but really I need one Picolor!

"Picolor is a small cube with five different pigment colors which include Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black and White. It uses special mechanisms, which reproduce the desired color. This cube is an art-tech gadget that will make life easier for all those who intend to mix colors and find their own unique shades."

Is it quite original, is a little machine that allows you to have the colour you need with just one touch. It has a big gradient chart allowing you to decide which colour you are searching, and when you are ready simply touch the colour and Picolor will create the paint for you. Amazing isn't it?

The bad side of the Picolor, I think is just a prototype, so maybe you pledge on this campaign and the product will never exist or it will be your perfect toy forever... in this type of campaigns you never know... fingers crossed, because I really want one!

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