No Fourth River by Christine Clayfield - Blog Tour + Giveaway

No Fourth River by Christine Clayfield
Genre: Fiction (based on a true story)
Source: Bookollective
Rating: 4/5

A heartbreaking true story about how can an abusive childhood can change their lives forever, but at the same time their strength and power to say stop, now I live.
This had not been an easy read, is never easy to read a story about how a men abuse his family again and again without anyone being able to stop it, and let me say it was so difficult that sometimes I had to just stop reading to get some fresh air, Christine's words were so hurting and sad....
This book is the journey of Christine from her childhood abuse through the moment she gain the strength to say enough and grow as a different person, maybe searching happiness? I will not make any spoilers so you will have to read the book! ;)
Be prepared for a touchy book, full of sadness but energy, making us believe that happiness is there for everyone.

"In evening school, I had taken some psychology courses in an attempt to understand the relationship between my dad and me, and why he behaved as he did. I will never know his real motives and beliefs. It is easier for me to cope thinking there was a reason for his ways, rather than living with the idea that I was dumped and never wanted."

Interested? I have the pleasure to have a giveaway with the book and some chocolates! (Thanks to Bookollective and Christine Clayfield) So if you are in the UK, good luck! ;)
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