Meia-Dúzia, Portuguese Flavours Experience

Today I want to share a delicious product I discovered in Portugal, Meia-Dúzia. It was the design that made us enter the shop, but we bought the products for the delicious taste we found in their delicatessen! I am sure you use some jam with meats and sometimes chocolate, but these special tubes are created to make your meals an amazing experience. If you take a look at their homepage you will see that they make honey, jam, oil... we had the chance the try all the flavours we wanted, the girl in the shop made the visit a gourmet experience, if you ever visit Porto, go, you will love the products. But if you don't have plans to travel to Portugal, don't worry, you can buy these delicacies tubes online and in some of the most famous department stores in Europe.

After a lot of tasting we decide to buy two chocolate tubes and the olive paste...

And let me say it... DELICIOUS!!

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