Immune System Exhibition by Meji

This is a very interesting exhibition, about our Immune System by a Japanese brand, Meji.

Immune system - it is essential for our healthy life. However, it is a recondite theme therefore hard to approach. As you cannot see it and it is in your body, only few people know about it. Thus, we challenge to cultivate immunity using art. This is an experience-based learning exhibition: ”You and Immune System. Exhibition"


Advertising Agency: Dentsu, Tokyo, Japan
Communication Director: Shunsuke Kaga
Art Director: Yusuke Kitani
Creative Director / Copywriter: Yusuke Shimazu
Copywriter: Nao Arai
Producer: Yuta Ichikawa
Project Manager: Yoichi Kanazawa
Illustrator: Masanobu Ishii
Designer: Ryota Mishima

The source is Ads Of The World.

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