Chocolate Egg by Booja-Booja

I am a dairy intolerant, so when Easter arrives I am always searching for eggs without milk or with a very low percentage, because, really I can not stay without eating chocolate, is Easter!

So today I did a quite extensive research and it seems there are a few brands that start making egg chocolate dairy free, and I couldn't resist to try one, of course!
I decided I will take a chance with the Booja-Booja brand, they had won a few awards with their chocolate and their precious Easter Eggs are handpainted, let me say that it's a treasure inside a treasure, I loved it!

I couldn't find any big egg or the flavour I was waiting to try (the Almond Sea Salted Caramel) that seemed so delicious... on the shop I went, so instead I tried the Fine-Champagne Chocolate Truffles...

I can not say that I didn't like them, but the alcohol with chocolate is not my favourite mix. Let me say that the truffles were really good. Now I will try to find a big egg for Easter (wish me luck) because I really want to try the Almond and Sea Salted Caramel truffles, wish me luck! ;)

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