Bucket List by Gift Republic

I am sure that you have your house full of beautiful landscapes and posters, but I am sure too that you will love these original posters from Gift Republic. The Bucket List posters are great as a present, of course, but really, I need a few of them right now! How many times have you had to choose a drink, book, dish... and don't know which one to try? These posters are the must list you should try, read, drink of all the things you could imagine, and when you've done it, you can scratch them! ;) Original isn't it?

I really, really have to try the Beer Bucket list, I always spend 10 minutes in the beer section trying to remember which ones I've tried and if they are good or not! ;)

But, the one I am sure I really don't need is the Box Set Bucket list, I would be really surprised if there is any series that I had not seen!! I am too addicted to TV...

Ok, let's admit it, this will be on my birthday list for sure! I loved all of them! 

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