Bring Me Back by BA Paris

Bring Me Back by BA Paris
Genre: Psychological Mystery
Source: Fiction HQ
Rating: 3/5 

Layla disappeared 12 years ago while on a trip with her boyfriend Finn in France. He told the truth to the police, but no everything...
Now Finn has turned page, has proposed to her girlfirend, curiously Layla’s sister... And then they start receiving Russian Dolls... Has Layla returned or someone is messing with their minds?

"It was Layla who first told me the story, of how she and Ellen both had a set of Russian dolls, the sort that stack one inside the other and how one day the smallest one from Ellen's set had gone missing. Ellen had accused Layla of taking it but Layla denied that she had, and it had never been found. Now, thirteen years after I first heard that story, the irony strikes me because, like Ellen's little Russian doll, Layla went missing and has never been found."

This book has started as a non-stop reading, sadly I discovered everything too soon, so the book lost all the interest in the beginning... I was expecting a story full of twists and dark secrets, but it was too easy to discover what was really inside the Russian Dolls...
I think the main problem I had with the story is I didn’t like the main character Finn, how can he not go to the police if you are receiving messages from your disappeared girlfriend 12 years ago? If Finn didn’t kill her, he would want to know what really happened, am I wrong? And of course, not telling the truth to your fiancée is never a good thing...! Really, when they will learn that telling the truth is always better than hiding secrets?
That I discovered the plot too soon doesn’t mean the book was not interesting and well written, simply this book was not for me.
The reference to the Russian Dolls in this book is too real, when a truth is discovered there’s another secret hidden inside... so be prepared for a mystery inside a mystery book!
Ready to bring the past back?

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