Bon Dia - Català; Ara i Sempre

What do you say when you wake up? In Catalan we say "Bon Dia!" /bon dɪə/

And of course this is something easy to translate Bon Dia is the same as "Good Morning"; a conventional expression at meeting or parting in the morning. But we say Bon Dia during all day, because is not just the morning, Dia means day, so you can wish a "Bon Dia" in all the hours of the day, apart from night, of course! ;)

Today I'll share with you a very famous song from a Catalan group called "Els Pets" and the song, of course "Bon Dia!"

Bon dia,                      Good morning, 
ningú ho ha demanat però fa bon dia,               no one has asked but it's being a good day
damunt els caps un sol ben insolent               up on the heads an insolent sun
il.lumina descarat tot l'espectacle de la gent.               shameless light up every one.

And here is the video if you want to listen the music.

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