Bombolla - Català; Ara i Sempre

First of all, I am repeating this again and again, Catalan is not a Spanish dialect, I will not enter to the conflict which one was first or if Spanish was a Catalan dialect, I have not studied linguistics and history, so not my point. But what I am really tired to repeat is that Catalan is not a dialect, we have Catalan dialects, but in Spain (even if the government is trying to eliminate them) we have 4 active languages, and one of them is Catalan.
So, lets go for today's word, I think this is a beautiful one, is funny to say and funny to do, let's say the truth. Bombolla... /bumbɔʎa/

Any idea? Bombolla... Is colorful, round and it disappears within seconds... oh yes, bubble; a round body of gas in a liquid.
I've found a nice poem that plays with the bubbles, want to take a look?

Bombolles - Joana Raspall
Vine a fer bombolles,                    Come to make bubbles,
Que tinc un tassó                    I have a mug
Ple d’aigua i sabó.                    Full of water and soap.

Mira com voleien                    Look at how they fly
I brillen al sol                    And how they shine at the sun
Tot fent tornassol!                    Like a litmus paper

Si la més bonica                    If the prettiest one
proves d'agafar,                    you try to catch,
Se't fon a la mà...                    It will melt on your hand...
I et quedes en dubte                    And you will doubt
De si l’has bufat                    If you blown it
O ho has somniat!                    Or if you have dreamed about it!

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