ArtGraf by Viarco

These days in Porto (Portugal) had been a great way to disconnect a little and enjoy the beautiul mosaics of the houses in Porto and the up and down street views, if you never been to Porto, take my word, it’s worth the visit! And the food delicious! ;)
Of course I couldn’t resist to enter to a few art stores to look for new and original products and I’ve discovered the ArtGraf by Viarco, a true gem!

I never thought playing with a brush to do my calligraphy would be so much fun! So when I tried the Watercolour Graphite it was a pleasure, I could really spend hours trying the intensity of the watercolour and lettering!

I have no idea if there are a lot of Watercolour Graphite from other brands, but this one works great, it’s from Portugal and it was not very expensive (9,30€) so it was the perfect souvenir ever!

What do you normally buy as a souvenir to make you remember your trip?

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