Aigua - Català; Ara i Sempre

Aigua is my little one first word, I am not sure if it is because we used a lot or because he is thirsty all day...! Aigua /æɪˈɡwə/

Yes, this is an easy word to know the translation in English... Aigua is Water; an odorless, tasteless liquid compound of hydrogen and oxygen that makes up rain, oceans, lakes, and rivers.
Here is a song I sang with my mother when I was little...

Si Vols Aigua Ben Fresca - Xesco Boix                    If you want really cold water - Xesco Boix
Si vols aigua ben fresca,                    If you want really cold water,
a la font has d’anar.                    at the drinking fountain you have to go
Si el que vols és la gresca                    If what you want is an uproar
un bon vi has de buscar.                    a good wine you have to search.
Oh, là, li,...                    Oh, là, li,...
Oh, larà, liria, oh, lalà,                    Oh, larà, liria, oh, lalà,
cucut, cucut (3)                    cucut, cucut (3)
Oh, larà, liria, oh!                    Oh, larà, liria, oh!

It was funny because when I searched for the author of this song there were a lot of modifications with the lyric, quite strange that only the original says wine! ;)

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