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A Perfect Marriage by Alison Booth
Genre: Fiction
Source: Love Books Group
Rating: 4/5

Sally Lachlan has the chance to feel loved again, but after her past, she is afraid... but maybe it's time to make a step ahead and forget. Her marriage was not perfect... but is she ready to accept it?

"I am at the mercy of my biochemistry now. Isn't this what attraction is?
I can almost feel the neurotransmitters making connection. Watch out, body: here come the monoamines. Watch out, body: dopamine, adrenaline, and serotonin are on the loose."

This is the story of Sally and her daughter Charlie, a sad but human story of love, survival and forget. Because Sally didn't have the perfect marriage but she has to accept that she didn't deserve what she got. She is a survivor even if she is not seeing it and has to start loving herself before she could close the door of her past and start loving again.
This story is told between the past and the present, how Sally tells us step by step her marriage from the ending since the beginning, and how her life changes while she remembers and tells it. Because even if it has passed years since it ended, she has not yet accepted her actions, this is a difficult path, but a must if she wants to be happy.
This had been a quick read, but interesting and touching at the same time. Life is not easy, this is something we all know, but even if we fail in our actions and they are not always correct, we have to accept them, but never ever being undervalued for them.
Ready for a non-perfect marriage?

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