White Bodies by Jane Robins

White Bodies by Jane Robins
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Source: NetGalley
Rating: 4'5/5

This is the story of Callie Farrow and her sister Tilda Farrow. Obsession, murder, abuse and a twisted plot that will make this book an exceptional read.

"Acting instinctively, I lean over and pull her silk Givenchy sleeve right up to her elbow, exposing white skin splattered with yellow and blue bruises, little smudged ink-blots.
I grab her arm to inspect it more closely/
'Stop that!' she says. 'For fuck's sake!'
'Tilda! What's going on? Please tell me.'
She pushes me away, hard, making me crash into the kitchen counter, and pulling her sleeve back down. She runs into the bedroom, then the en-suite bathroom, slamming the door, turning the lock."

This book made an exceptional change from the beginning till the last pages, it was a slow burning plot, but with a twisted ending!
I was quite surprised with this read, in the beginning everything points at Callie as she is totally obsessed with her sister and her new boyfriend, Felix. Callie even makes a diary and follows her sister! So we start doubting if she is really seeing psychological/physic abuse between them or she loves being tragic. So while Callie enters to the disturbing world of abusers and victims needing to escape, she becomes paranoid and neurotic and maybe seeing signs that doesn't exist? 
While we are reading the story, we learn the past of the two sisters too, and it seems that the pattern is repeating... will Callie be able to help Tilda before it's too late?
This had been a brilliant read, original and with an unsettling atmosphere that keeps you guessing all the book. I highly recommend you to read this book, because after all the turns it has it will leave no one indifferent!
Ready for a trip to the dark side?

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