Tomica - Dream, Happy 50 Years In Japan - SNOOPY

As you know I am a Snoopy fan, it's my favourite character and I am always searching for new and original products where Snoopy is on it. So today I want to share with you the Japanese brand Tomica, I am not sure if you know it, it's like the Hot Wheels but from Japan. They have some cool designs, I bought a few designs while I was in Japan on December, but the Dream, Happy 50 Years In Japan - SNOOPY it's new from this January, so I have bought it online. There are a lot of sellers in Ebay, or on the original Tomica shop (it's not so expensive!).
The funny thing of this blind box, of course is that you don't know which design is inside, you have to open it! I have to say that I loved all the designs I could find inside the box...

But you have to admit that the one I have is really, really cute! ;)

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