The RolleR MuG

How many take away coffee/tea cups do you take every week? I am sure that you have a travel mug or planning to do so; you may want to take a look at these original mugs, the The RolleR MuG is not only colorful, it's an antistress toy too!

The RolleR MuG keeps hot drinks warm for up to four hours, and cold drinks cold for up to six hours. The inner body, which is in contact with the drink, is made from food-grade steel that is harmless to health. When you hold the RolleR MuG in your hands you can combine the colors of the rainbow, twist the colored rings and make your own patterns, to relax and enjoy your coffee in a different way!

This is a Kickstarter campaign (you know I love to share with you the products you can find there, some are so cool!) so, if you want to take a look now is the moment, I don't know how long it will take to a have these original mugs on the shops! ;)

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