Surprise Me by Sophie Kinsella

Surprise Me by Sophie Kinsella
Genre: Chic Lit
Source: Penguin
Rating: 4/5

Sylive and Dan have a loving marriage, two beautiful girls and it seems that they will have a long future together too... will they be able to survive their mutual surprises? Be prepared to be amazed!

"'How can I be having a midlife crisis?' Dan erupts. 'I'm nowhere near my midlife! Nowhere near! I'm in the bloody foothills!'
'But that's good!' I say emphatically. 'We've got so much time'.
'But what are we going to do with it, Sylvie? How are we going to fill the endless, soulless years of mindless drone work? Where's the joy in our lives?' He looks around the kitchen with a questing gaze, as though it might be in a jar labelled 'joy', next to 'turmeric'."

Sophie Kinsella is an author I can always rely on if I am searching for a funny read, but in this book sometimes the "humour" was a little too forced. I loved the human part, it was touchy and emotive, so a quite contrast book! Maybe that was really the point of the book, because while Sylvie and Dan try to surprise each other, none of the surprises they plan really have a good result... I think they have a bigger problem than having so many years to live. Because that let me say, if you start counting on how many years you will be with your partner, you have a big problem!
While we enjoy some very extravagant surprises (a snake included), we have another subplot that makes the book more real and shows us the real personality of our main characters. Step by step we start seeing how Sylvie and Dan doesn't have the perfect marriage they think and understand that they should change if they really want to spend so many years together.
This had been a quick red, original and sometimes extravagant, but it will be perfect for a sweet read whenever you need one, you know that Sophie Kinsella always entertains even if it's not your favourite book.
Are you planning to surprise your partner, don't try a big surprise, something small will be better! ;)

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