Pluja - Català; Ara i Sempre

Today I will show you a word that we use quite often here in Ireland, because you know the weather here is quite crazy, don't you? So, today's word is "Pluja" /'plʊdʒæ/

Can you guess what Pluja means? Oh yes, rain! Or you can say too; water that is condensed from the vapour in the atmosphere and falls to earth in drops.

The part of the poem I decided to share with you today with the word "Pluja" is from a singer-songwriter very famous in Catalonia called Raimon; Al meu país la Pluja. If you want you can take a look at the video too, is really beautiful. I have to say that the weather in Catalonia is not the same as here, there when it rains it storms with heavy drops, here, is light but it can last for days.

Al meu país la pluja - Raimon               In my country the rain - Raimon

Al meu país la pluja no sap ploure:               In my country the rain doesn't know how to rain:
o plou poc o plou massa;               or it rains a little or it rains too much; 
si plou poc és la sequera,               if it rains little is it the drought,
si plou massa és un desastre.               if it rains too much is a disaster
Qui portarà la pluja a escola?               Who will take the rain to school?
Qui li dirà com s'ha de ploure?               Who will tell how to rain?
Al meu país la pluja no sap ploure.               In my country the rain doesn't know how to rain.

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