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In a moment were the Spanish Government has decided that they will try to remove Catalan in the schools, I think it's the moment to really share our problem. Because you can or can't understand why we want a Catalan Republic, but I am sure that no one can understand how a Government would want to eliminate a language because they don't like it.
So, the only thing I can do to fight this, and I know it's not much but is the only way I know to fight, is try to teach everyone who wants to learn something new, a new Catalan word every day. It's not difficult, and for me it's important to share to the world my language, because I am not English, I am not Spanish, I am Catalan.
So today I want to share you the word "Llibertat" /llibəˈrtæːt/

Llibertat is the same as Freedom, and as you know, freedom means the power to determine action without restraint. Something that in Spain doesn't exist right now, sadly...
I would like to share with you this beautiful poem about freedom from a very famous Catalan poet; Joan Margarit.

La Llibertat          The Freedom

La llibertat és la raó de viure,          Freedom is the reason to live, 
dèiem, somniadors, d'estudiants.          we said when we were young, dreamers, students.

És la raó dels vells, matisem ara,          Is the reason of the old, we say now
la seva única esperança escèptica.          their only sceptic hope.

La llibertat és un estrany viatge.          The freedom is an strange travel.
Són les places de toros amb cadires          It's the bullring with chairs
damunt la sorra en temps d'eleccions.          on the ground in election times.
És el perill, de matinada, al metro,          It's the danger, during sunrise, on the metro,
són els diaris al final del dia.          it's the newspapers at the end of the day.
La llibertat és fer l'amor als parcs.          Freedom is making love at the parks.
La llibertat és quan comença l'alba          Freedom is when the dawn starts
en un dia de vaga general.          in a day of general strike.
És morir lliure. Són les guerres mèdiques.          Is dying free. Is the Persian war.
Les paraules República i Civil.          Is the words Republic and Civil.
Un rei sortint en tren cap a l'exili.          It's a king leaving into exile by train.
La llibertat és una llibreria.          Freedom is a bookshop.
Anar indocumentat. Són les cançons           Going without papers. They are the songs
de la guerra civil.          of the civil war.       
Una forma d'amor, la llibertat.          A way to love, the freedom.

*Joan Margarit 

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The source of the poem is Infolibre.

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