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Killed by Thomas Enger
Genre: Crime Noir
Source: Orenda Books
Rating: 4/5

This is the ending, the last piece of the Henning Juul story and how he risked his life again and again to discover the truth about his son's death. Ready?

"During the last few hours everything had changed. And now, he was reconciled to his fate. He was convinced he could now die satisfied. His quest was over. He finally had the answers he'd been looking for. "

In this tense crime noir book we will learn that Henning Juul can not trust anyone, every time he shares his discoveries someone appears dead, so he will try to protect his loved ones no matter what, even if he has to die. In this book, Henning starts grieving the death of his son, he wants answers but we will feel that he is starting to heal about the guilty and the sadness of loosing a child so young. And in the end he is not searching for vengeance, simply the truth.
This had been a dark read, not only for all the crime and conflicts that we read in the book, but the feelings that moves inside you; we read about people without conscience, that if they have money nothing more matters, but at the same time some normal people like you or me that when their family is being threatened they resign their moral. I can just wonder what I would do in those cases, but I would like to think I would go to the police instead of selling my conscience.
The story is told by multiple perspectives, making the story more real and easy to follow, let me say that I will miss them, but this is a great ending, a must read.
I don't want to say too much about the plot, simply that this is a non-stop crime book, perfect for any book reader, but start from the first book! ;)
Ready to kill or be killed?

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